Published Works

Battered Faith: A Warrior’s Journey from Depression to Destiny

Battered Faith was published in 2019. This was the first of my published works. This is my story surviving violence and abuse and rediscovering my relationship with Jesus.

My book is available to buy at Amazon, Booktopia and Mighty Ape and the usual places where books are sold.

If you’re in Auckland, New Zealand, it is also available at Auckland libraries.

Path Up the Hill

An Anthology of Short Stories Published by Scholastic India

PC: Glenn Carstens-Peters 

I’ve also been writing regularly on Women’s Web.

Featured on Women’s Web

I’ve written an article from my own experience with child sexual abuse, which was featured on Women’s Web and another one about domestic violence.

A lot of it has inferences to the culture I grew up in, but they are also reflective of the way these experiences have shaped me.

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