The Christian Life is a Battleground… I finally understood what that meant.

I learned over the last few weeks that the Christian life is a battleground. It’s something that we’ve all known and it’s something that we’ve been taught over the years. I always thought I knew this as well, until I realised what a battleground means. A few Sundays back, I had a fabulous encounter withContinue reading “The Christian Life is a Battleground… I finally understood what that meant.”

What Would Jesus Do? (WWJD)

Remember the 1990s when we all wore the WWJD (What Would Jesus Do) bracelets? They were all the rage and it was unanimous with a ‘saved’ Christian. Let me explain that a bit more…reflecting on my own life. I was saved when I was 16, just out of school and had started attending this fantasticContinue reading “What Would Jesus Do? (WWJD)”

Why are so called ‘God men’ not God-like?

I was reading the news and found an article about the inappropriate text messages sent by a person working at a Christian ministry. This person had targeted young girls and now the girls were speaking out about this. It was appalling to read, but sadly it is a very familiar story of our days. IContinue reading “Why are so called ‘God men’ not God-like?”

Your NOW is NOT how it ends

What you see is not what it is. There are so many layers to your life. People will look at where you are now and make decisions and have opinions on everything you’re going through. “You didn’t pray enough. You harboured un-forgiveness. You need Jesus. Have you backslidden?” It’s absolutely enthralling how the human mindContinue reading “Your NOW is NOT how it ends”