Cheryl Christopher

“There is more help than hardship”

2 Kings 6:17

PC: Photo by Aditya Saxena on Unsplash

About Me

I am a mum to two fantastic kids, Jordane and Jerry. They’ve taught me the meaning of unconditional love and how to love in the midst of anything that life can throw at us.

I battled with anxiety and immense depression as my marriage was marred by abuse and violence.

Struggling with my faith seemed to form yet another rung on the never ending descent to my doom.

Writing about my journey of waxing and waning faith and mental health formed my healing, and my hope is that my journey will help someone out there find the same healing I did.

Talking openly, and writing about my mental health struggles like OCD and anxiety has opened up many conversations with people who struggle with similar issues. It has been satisfying to know that neither I, nor they are alone in this journey, and yes, it is a journey.

Our spiritual journey was never meant to be a sprint designed for the swift or the strong, it is a test of endurance. So, it takes everything we have in us to pick ourselves up, daily, and run this race.

This website and the Bag-O-Blogs is a direct result of the journey I’ve navigated.